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World Beyond Measure Juliette Aristides

Trompe L'Oeil With Fig Noah Buchanan

Waiting For GraceTony Curanaj

Horseshoes Douglas Flynt

Bell and Howell Projector 1957 Greg Gandy

Nicholas Hiltner Nicholas Hiltner

Wood Bee Thomas Kegler

Still Life With Pomegranate Sarah Lamb

Pair Aron Meynell

Your Shot Michael Molnar

Autumn Omar Rodriguez

Ice Cream Scoop Andrea Smith

Curved Peter Van Dyck

Stars and Stripes Anthony Waichulis

The Cove Justin Wiest

Line Zack Zdrale

Batter's Boxy William Bartlett

Real Friends Helen Crispino

Ariadne Camie Davis

Threshold Adam Forfang

Fringe Russell Harris

Creation Joel Carson Jones

Aluminum Foil Michael Klein

Kitten Jeremy Mann

Strata Edward Minoff

The Oldest Trick Jacob Pfeiffer

Capturing Beauty Travis Schlaht

Rebound Chris Thomas

Abstract-Expressionism Adam Vinson

Without Delay Slade Wheeler

Cabaret di la Viande Will Wilson