Steve Armstrong
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Steve Armstrong - (b. 1945), is an artist we first exhibited several years ago as a part of an exhibition that paid tribute to sculpture. His work is most unusual for the big city in many ways - Armstrong is a Kentucky native known for his "Automata" sculpture. Every piece has moveable parts, hand-carved from various woods and vividly painted. He deftly uses gears, pulleys, chains and the viewer's energy to make his sculptures move. They stand tall, they whirl and spin, and they open to reveal an amazing sense of humor. "Automata" sculpture generally fall into the category of folk art. But in the case of Steve Armstrong, he has taken this art form to a new level and raised the bar. He is an American. While his art form falls outside most conventional ideas of what realist art is — he is the best at what he does and our clients should be aware of this rare talent.

Armstrong received his degree from the University of Kentucky. For many years he pursued more conventional ways of earning a living. Yet he had an abiding faith that his increasingly sophisticated, whimsical sculptures, could allow him to express himself and delight those who had the good fortune of finding his sculptures. His works have been featured in galleries, educational institutions, and museums. Since introducing him to our audiences in 1998, his works have been acquired by corporations, our leading collectors and museums of note. These are rarities. We recommend him to you and urge you to consider acquiring one of his wonderfully unique works for your collection. Prices for his works range from $1,250 to $8,500.