Peter Van Dyck

Philip's Table Curved Still Life

Peter Van Dyck (b. 1978) was drawn to painting as a craft and a profession as a young man. But his urge to immerse himself into painting was strong; compelling him to leave college life and sojourn to Florence, Italy. There he became a standout student and, eventually, an Instructor at the renowned Florence Academy of Art, under the astute direction of Daniel Graves. He studied personally under Graves and Ramiro Sanchez.

Van Dyck was recommended to the gallery by a coterie of his painting peers. All parties are drawn to his haunting, personal paintings of the house he lives in, the studio he paints in, the tools he works with and the simple everyday things surround him. His current body of work is a diary of a year in this young artist's life. His palette is oriented to the interior, his light and shadows are important to his portrayals, his choices of subjects are modern adaptations of Old Masters' sophistication, and he handles paint textures with a mastery for an artist so young. Till now, he has shown in Philadelphia and Long Island.

Prices range from $2,200 to $15,000, depending upon the size and the complexity of the subject.