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Michael Bergt - (b. 1956) is a mid-career artist who began exhibiting with John Pence in 1980. Since that time he has staged seven one-man shows in San Francisco. In addition to his San Francisco exhibitions, he has also exhibited in numerous gallery in New York, Santa Fe, Colorado as well as Barcelona, Spain. Other exhibits include: The Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, New York; The American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York; Newark Museum, New Jersey; Evansville Museum of Arts, Indiana; St. Johns College, Santa Fe; and the University of Colorado, Greely.

Michael Bergt is a self-taught artist who began as a watercolor pattern painter and eventually emerged as an accomplished sculptor and egg-tempera artist in the style of Paul Cadmus. Bergt approached Cadmus in the early 1980's to learn more about the egg-tempera medium and eventually forged a strong friendship/alliance with the legendary master.

Michael Bergt sculpts and paints figures from life as well as his fertile imagination. His subject matter covers the gamut including still lifes, florals and interiors. He often uses mythology as reference points to his handling of contemporary subject matter. He has mastered egg-tempera is now leading a nationwide effort to call attention to this oft forgotten medium — the Society of Tempera Painters.

Bergt's works are highly prized by knowledgeable collectors and have been lauded by art critics and art historians on frequent occasions. His images are compelling, conveying a sharp and wry sense of humor with political and social narratives worthy of note. Prices range from $1,850 for drawings to $15,000 for large egg-tempera paintings. His sculptures range in price from $3,800 to $35,000.